2024 JIAPICH Guideline & Requirements
Eligibility Criteria :
Groups or individuals in the safeguarding and promotion of ICH
Submission Period :
February 1- April 30
Awarded Prize to the 2024 JIAPICH Finalist :
The 2024 JIAPICH Plaque and $30,000 USD to be split among 2024 JIAPICH Finalists (up to 5 finalists)
Submission method:
All documents will be accepted by e-mail(cics.center@gmail.com)
Evaluation Criteria
- Involved in the safeguarding & promotion of ICH transmission activities
- Exemplary cases of ICH activities in the applicant’s domain
- Have shown the propensity to uplift and uphold ICH Stakeholders and communities
Important Dates:
January 1: 2024 JIAPICH Application open for download
January 30: 2024 JIAPICH Workshop Click here
February 1 – April 30: 2024 JIAPICH Application Submission Period
June 1: 2024 JIAPICH Finalist Announcement & Public Verification
September - October: The 2024 JIAPICH Ceremony (exact dates TBD)

Application Requirements

* Appendix 1-4 must be submitted
* All the required submission will be accepted in a PDF Format
* Supporting Documents - if applicable (pamphlets, video clips, Journal articles of the candidates, etc)
The 2024 JIAPICH Application Form :